Oct 14

Strategies for long-term investing

Given the inherent volatility of markets, it’s useful to remind ourselves of strategies we can utilise to meet investment goals. The fundamentals of portfolio construction can help position portfolios appropriately in times of crisis and volatility. Exploit a long-run time horizon Investors with a long horizon don’t need short-term liquidity,... read more →
Sep 10
Aug 05

Embracing the fear

Sharemarkets are the most volatile they’ve been in the past 20 years. Increased uncertainty, fear, forced and panic selling, as well as reduced liquidity, are all contributing factors to currently elevated levels of volatility. A simple measure using intraday price fluctuations can be used to understand the extent of the... read more →
Jul 20
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May 25
Apr 03

COVID-19 – Providing rental relief for the tenant in my SMSF property

The economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis are causing significant financial distress for many businesses and individuals. If your SMSF has a property and a tenant in financial distress, you may be able to provide your tenant with rental relief under an agreed commercial arrangement. This may even be the... read more →
Mar 10
Mar 02
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