Intergenerational Wealth

Pass on your wisdom and your intergenerational wealth.

Add to your own security by helping your family prepare and protect their future

No matter how grown up your children are or if they have children of their own, as a parent you want to help guide them through life. While you’ve planned well to secure your retirement, it may be that your children have not.

Introduce your family to the benefits of financial advice and you are not only helping them prepare and plan for the future, you are protecting your own well-being. A financial emergency for them could also affect your own financial security.

Helping your family throughout the generations
It doesn’t matter what life stage someone is at, a financial advisor can help them identify and meet their financial goals.


Stage: Accumulating your wealth
Retirement may seem a long way off, but the benefits of building up wealth at this stage cannot be underestimated. Young singles might have shorter term financial goals.

Saving For Paying Off Starting Up
First Home Credit Cards Investment Portfolio
Overseas Holiday Education Debts New Business

Sound financial planning means they can work towards their financial goals without it having a major impact on their lifestyle.

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Stage: Protecting your wealth
As they begin their own family, your children will want to protect their intergenerational wealth as well as build it up further. This can help ensure they are able to:

  • Look after their family
  • Maintain their home and lifestyle
  • Plan ahead for retirement

A financial advisor can help with the right strategies, financial products and financial advice to minimise the risk their assets are exposed to, while still building up their nest egg.

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Stage: Transitioning to retirement
As your children grow older, they will want to maximise the money available to them in retirement and plan their estate:

  • Take advantage of super strategies;
  • Ensure the right estate documents are in place;
  • Make their family aware of their plans.

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Ensure your hard work and foresight is protected
Should something happen to one of your grown up children, the last thing your family needs on top of the emotional distress is financial difficulty. This additional stress can be avoided by helping your family plan ahead through sound financial planning.


We’d like to meet your family
If you want to pass on the benefits of sound financial planning, contact us and we’d be happy to arrange a family meeting or an information session for your children.


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