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How popular are SMSFs with Australian investors?

Our SMSF advisors have specialised in self-managed super funds (SMSF) since their inception 20 years ago. Today in Australia, there are over 600,000 SMSF’s totaling over $869 billion in assets, making up almost one third of Australia’s total retirement funds.

Why consider a SMSF?

In our experience SMSFs are a popular choice with investors seeking:
Control of superannuation: by combining family assets, making their own strategy and investment decisions.
Investment Choice: SMSFs allow for a wide range of investment options, including direct property, shares, managed funds, cash, and more.
Flexibility: with investments, structuring, and tax strategies.
Cost Efficiency: For individuals with larger superannuation balances, an SMSF can be more cost-effective compared to retail or industry super funds.
Tax Planning: SMSFs provide members with greater control over their tax planning strategies.
Estate Planning: An SMSF offers more flexibility when it comes to estate planning and passing on wealth to beneficiaries.
Family Inclusion: SMSFs can include up to six members, which allows family members to pool their superannuation savings, providing an opportunity for collective investment strategies and potential cost savings.

We offer an end-to-end SMSF service

Whether you’re just starting out with a SMSF or you have a SMSF and are looking for additional services we can help. We take the complexity out of managing a SMSF. Our team will help with SMSF establishment, administration, investments and SMSF strategies.

Award winning SMSF advisors

Our many awards are testament to the ongoing service quality and dedication of our experienced team. Leenane Templeton was winner of the ‘SMSF & Accounting Awards 2018″, Winner of the “SMSF Accounting Awards 2017”, Financial Planning Association “Best Practice Awards” 2013, SMSF Association “Best Practice” Award winner 2012. Many other awards have also been achieved over the past decade.
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