What our clients say

Our most recent consecutive quality questionnaires have resulted in positive comments along with 25 x 5 star ratings and 5 x 4 star ratings. Many more testimonials available.
‘The thing I value the most about Andrew from Leenane Templeton, is the amount of care, time and effort he puts into his customers and their circumstances. I just love receiving those proactive calls, a recent one starting with, ‘I’ve just been looking through your file, and I’ve had some thoughts I’d like to discuss’. This has resulted in a restructure of my entities, adjusting our circumstance for the growth and maturity we’ve achieved to date, setting us up for further growth and future success. Thanks Andrew!’
Financial advisor
Mr Wilton
Our first contact with the firm was when we were about to retire.  Andrew Frith gave us advice and set us up with a SMSF.  We are very happy about the efficiency with which this was set up and the ongoing performance. The way Andrew first sought out our investment style and goals we had was excellent.
Financial advisor
Joy & Terry
We have always found the advice that we have received in expanding, setting up private super fund, tax issues and legal issues is explained so we can understand the implications of our final decision. The staff will listen to your take on the issue and what you want to do and will advise you how to arrive at the best possible solution for you and your business. We consider Leenane Templeton a valuable resource.
Financial advisor
Mr & Mrs MacKay
I am delighted to say that at the strategic and operational levels their service and advice has delivered the best outcomes for my business and personal needs. From structuring the business at start up stage, operational accounting/financial services during growth stages and  helping to plan and execute exit strategies, their support and advice has been crucial to our success.

I have also been delighted with the personal superannuation services and will continue to seek their on going support.  The friendly, professional style of the managers  flows through the company and has a great cultural influence across all staff.  

Financial advisor
Mr Cadden
Andrew came across as an intelligent and genuine financial advisor who took time to understand our current position and our future goals. He used this information to develop a well-structured plan and presented it to us in ways we could understand.

We have now implemented the plan and continue to meet with Andrew to re-focus and revise the plan as needed. Over the last two years, Andrew and his team have delivered a great service and always make time to answer questions. We look forward to continuing with the relationship.

Financial advisor
Mr & Mrs Bromley
Andrew reviewed my existing super funds and clearly demonstrated how fee heavy they actually were. Andrew advised that I might not be ready for a SMSF, and that the retail funds were also not right for my needs.

Following his investigation’s I was delighted when Andrew unearthed a bespoke superannuation plan for me… At all times I have found Andrew to be a good listener and understanding of my situation. He is clear, concise and enthusiastic. I believe Andrew to be very fair, honest and I valued his professionalism.

Financial advisor
Kathryn B
We engaged the services of Leenane Templeton after the providers we had previously appointed, no longer had the required resources to appropriately service our growing business’s needs. After interviewing several firms we decided Leenane Templeton had the experience and people to support us through our growth phase. Over the past years we have enjoyed dealing directly with one person, Andrew Frith, who now feels like an extension of our business and part of the Wideline family. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrew or Leenane Templeton to similar businesses of our size.
Financial advisor
Managing DirectorWideline
Andrew and the team at Leenane Templeton are fantastic. I am continually impressed by the level of interest they take in understanding my business and what I’m trying to achieve, before offering their advice. I find this means their strategy is on point and very well informed. Andrew, Matt, Margaret and the team have been such a treat to deal with and have provided such value to our business.
Financial advisor
Our connection with Leenane Templeton is some 22 years old. Your efforts on our behalf have always been more than satisfactory and we look forward to continuing the association for many years yet.
Financial advisor
Tony & Pam