Retirement Planning

Do you want a stress free retirement, to be financially secure and enjoy your family time?

Retirement planning can help make your retirement stress free and financially secure by helping plan your superannuation, investments, income, estate planning and retirement expectations. We want you to enjoy your retirement without the stresses and strains that many people go through, you've worked hard all your life, now it's time to concentrate on enjoying your family and life during retirement. Our retirement planning can also help to plan for the inter-generational exchange of wealth throughout your family.

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Retirement Planning Peace of Mind

We want you to reach your retirement in the best financial shape, our aim is to see our clients happy, financially secure and financially well organised. Our financial advisor will be delighted to meet with you for a no obligation chat to determine where you are currently in your financial situation and what your financial and retirement goals for retirement planning. Click here for details on Self Managed Super Funds.

Australians about to retire can expect to enjoy around 23 years in retirement – One of the longest holidays in the world².

Newcastle Retirement Planning Advice


As your children become independent and mortgages are paid off it’s time to re-evaluate your financial situation to ensure you are in the best position for retirement and beyond. A financial planner can work with you to maximise financial opportunities and ensure you have planned for a stress-free retirement with the financial means to enjoy life.

At this stage in your life you will want to maximise the money available to you in retirement and plan for your estate. Our retirement planning may consider:

  • taking advantage of super strategies;
  • ensuring the right estate documents are in place; and
  • making your family aware of your plans.

A financial planner can walk you through all the important factors of retirement planning and remove the worry of having to make these decisions on your own.



Take David and Kathy for example¹.

David is 62 and self employed drawing an income of $50,000 and Kathy is 58 working for the local state government receiving a $60,000 income. Between them they own five investment properties worth $1.4 million and have an overall debt of $610,000. They plan to retire in three years but are unsure of the right strategies to do this and still achieve their retirement goals.

By engaging a financial planner to help with their retirment planning and to plan their transition to retirement, David and Kathy are now well positioned to enjoy the future lifestyle they deserve. By considering their goals, their current financial position and where they want to be in three years, their financial planner used his experience and knowledge to suggest investment strategies that will work towards achieving these goals.


Did you know that only four in 10 Australians have a legal will?

If you haven’t already spoke with a financial planner and made plans for your estate, now is a good time to make these decisions and have your financial planner organise the necessary documents in line with your requests. It’s also a good idea to make your family aware of the decisions you have made to avoid any surprises during a difficult time.

If you haven’t started retirement planning, now is the time to contact a Financial Planner Newcastle and make your future dreams a reality.



Leenane Templeton Financial Planning Reputation

We aim to give you the best possible service, we build strong relationships and are available to speak with you direct.  The majority of our new financial planning clients are based on word of mouth recommendations, so it's important that we get it right.

We understand the worries, frustrations and concerns you have when searching for a reputable firm of accountants and financial advisors to help with retirement planning.

For more information or to arrange a free no obligation meeting with a Financial Planner Newcastle please call Newcastle 4926 2300

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1 The case study is illustrative only and is not personal advice.  2 AXA Retirement Scope, January 2008

Disclaimer: The information contained in this document is based on information believed to be accurate and reliable at the time of publication. Any illustrations of past performance do not imply similar performance in the future. This information is of a general nature only. It is not intended as personal advice or as an investment recommendation, and does not take into account the particular investment objectives, financial situation and needs of a particular investor. Before making an investment decision you should see your financial advisor to assess whether the advice is appropriate to your individual investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs.




Newcastle Retirement Planning Advice