Feb 06

Financial Success In 2011

With 2010 a year of ups and downs for investors, what is 2011 expected to bring, and, as an investor, what signs should you be looking for?


For long-term holders, Australian shares remain a good investment and buyers will find value in further market weakness.


Keeping an eye on the following indicators should assist in your assessment of markets.


  • Australian interest rates – if they rise the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) thinks the economy is still growing.  If they fall the RBA consider we are heading into a period of deflation.

  • Commodity prices – if they fall Australia will suffer (as will other countries such as Brazil)

  • US interest rates – if they rise this will hurt US borrowers and the banks will suffer as defaults increase.

  • Credit – if the costs of credit increase it becomes more expensive to borrow and thereby feeding economic problems.


As the sharemarket is a leading indicator of economic health, and Australia is in a fortunate position at the moment on a global basis with our economic situation largely positive, it is important to understand the pressures on the sharemarket.  Staying calm and making sure your investments are sound, offer a good yield and are the best value you can find.


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