Aug 26

Getting your paperwork in order


Nearly everyone groans when June 30 pops up on the horizon. “Oh no, I’ve got to get my paperwork ready for my accountant”. Being organised for your annual tax return will help you reduce your stress levels and how much you pay your accountant, but we’re not just talking about financial paperwork here. What about all of the other documentation that is important to maintaining peace of mind for you and others if you’re not around to find it?

Here’s a checklist

It’s very detailed but if you lost your wallet or handbag how would you prove your identification? Is your computer the only place you keep email addresses? If your mobile phone was lost or stolen could you find all the stored phone numbers? What would happen to all of this information if you die or are incapacitated?

Personal records  
Birth, marriage and death certificates  
Divorce papers and custody agreements  
Current passports  
Government identification details Medicare, Centrelink, Driver’s Licence
Contact book of family and friends Include people mentioned in your will
Email addresses and website addresses Such as internet banking (include passwords but make sure they are kept secure)
Professional advisers Accountant, lawyer, financial planner
Current and previous employers Contact details


Financial Records  
Bank accounts, superannuation funds Statements
Investments Managed funds, Term deposits, Statements
Insurance policies Policy documents
Tax returns, BAS and PAYG Payment Summaries Keep for at least five years
Partnerships or shareholder agreements Keep a secure copy


Personal valuables such as electronic equipment, jewellery, antiques, collectibles, artwork Take photos, record serial numbers, save receipts and warranty information (don’t forget to photocopy receipts in case they fade)
Real estate Titles, deeds, mortgages, sale records
Lifestyle assets Registration details of boats, cars, caravans
Debts owed by others Agreements or written understandings


Estate plans  
Estate planning documents and records Will, Enduring Power of Attorney, Advance Health Directive. Make sure your Executor knows where everything is.
Funeral details and funeral plot titles Prepaid arrangements or insurance cover


It can be overwhelming when you see how much you need to record but once you have set up a secure system, with everything registered or filed, you can relax and enjoy life.

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