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Insurance is important at any age

insurance is important at any age

Although a health crisis can occur at any time of life, the risks obviously increase as we age which is why insurance is important at any age. Unfortunately, due to the increased risk of illness or injury the cost of insurance for those over 50 can be high. As a result, people in this age group often drop their insurance cover altogether just when their need is at its greatest.

If age 50 is looming, or you’ve already passed your half century, it’s even more important to protect both your income-earning ability and the financial security of your dependents. This can be achieved with appropriate insurance.

Here are some solutions to consider:

• Life and disability insurance can be arranged through most superannuation funds. Premiums are paid from the superannuation thereby reducing strain on the household budget.
• Review your level of insurance. As your investments and superannuation increase, or your debts and expenses decrease you may be able to reduce your cover and still provide for your beneficiaries.
• For income protection insurance, if you have savings in place, annual leave or sick leave entitlements, you may consider increasing the waiting period before a claim. Depending on circumstances, this may allow you to retain an important benefit at a more affordable price. More-over, while Income Protection cover targets insuring 75% of your Gross Wages, your annual cashflow needs to cover living costs may be lower than this. You may consider reducing the monthly benefit in line with your cashflow needs thereby reducing the cost of cover.

If you’re not sure what to do, talk to one of our licensed financial adviser here at Leenane Templeton before you make any adjustments to your insurance cover. It may not cost you as much as you first thought.

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