Aug 26

Retirees Continue to Embrace the Internet

Contrary to popular belief the age of the internet is not just for the young.  The Sensis Social Media 2011 report found that 80% of retirees access the internet and are active users of social networking websites.  They are not obsessive users though, the findings indicate that of the two-thirds of internet users who access social networking, 97% use Facebook and 9% use LinkedIn.  However for the retirees using social networking, 99% use Facebook, and 14% use LinkedIn.

Additionally, 81% of retirees accessing the internet use desktops and 24% use laptops.  Unlike their younger counterparts, accessing the internet via smart phones is not a preference.

It's becoming easier to communicate with friends when deciding which financial planner to use as the recomendations and testimonials are more easily accessible on line.

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